There’s no shortage of third-party uninstallers floating around out there on the net. Some of these do the job properly, but in general we don’t recommend using a third-party tool unless you trust the developer. These third-party tools are often full of bloatware and can sometimes contain viruses that infect your computer.

By default, the power plan is set to Balanced to keep the battery life. If you don’t care about the battery life, you can change the power plan to High performance to get the best PC performance. This is the first release of many to come for Windows 11, and based on what it brings, it’s a fantastic start. Fluent Design is a great successor to the Metro look that’s been prevalent since Windows 8, and it brings the style and color scheme of Windows to the modern age. But it’s only when you go deeper that the similarities to Windows 10 remain.

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Click on Change how Windows Setup downloads updates option and select Not right now. On Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you can right-click the file and select Mount. On older versions, you need to use third-party mounting software like WinCDEmu.

Look below for the command to exit the Safe Mode loop. Now you have a clear idea about how to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode. Note that Windows 10 is a fast is a fast operating system with a fast boot process. Getting into Safe Mode might not easy when your PC cannot boot. Thus, get help from Windows Boot Genius if you need.

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In WinRE, the advanced options give you tools to diagnose your PC at an instance. In the initial setup window, select your preferred language, time and currency format, keyboard region, and then click the Next button. When Windows 10 restarts, press and hold down the power button again for 10 seconds. And recovery mode, in the context of this article, it equals to Windows recovery environment which consists of a series of Advanced Startup Options like System Restore, Startup Repair, etc.

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Just explore the snipping tool, you can also find the option that allows you to edit your screenshots. Apart from shortcut keys, Windows 11 also provides you with a well-known tool that not only captures your screen but also provides multiple options to edit and modify them. It is vital that you also know where do screenshots go on Mac. By default, the screenshots are saved on the desktop. But you can also use other tools to customize the location where the screenshots might be saved.

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